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The journey to complete wellness


Co-create a balanced and healthy life through an integrated holistic approach to healing your body, mind, spirit and heart. All wellness plans are customized to fit your unique needs and goals.


Hi There!

My name is Dahiana and I am a holistic healer and practitioner. I believe that every person has the capability to heal deep within themselves and by responding to root causes, we can create the capacity to function in complete plenitude. My practice is based on empowering individuals to reconnect with their innate ability to heal.

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Why Us

The stresses and demands of modern life can cause us to compartmentalize our existence, leaving our whole selves fractured instead of united and balanced in harmony. AllWell seeks to maintain or restore the balance of your body externally and internally by reconciling the various aspects of the individual.

We focus on the whole person by addressing the mind, body, heart and spirit. Through the expert usage of studied practices like meditation, physical touch, energy alignment and holistic nutrition we will help you transform and thrive in your life.

The Harmonious Connection


Become conscious of thinking and reasoning patterns, alter or address subconscious beliefs and attitudes


Support physical health, create healthy eating habits, and amplify internal/external functioning


Open your heart, strengthen your ties to others, activate your compassion, love and gratitude


Align with your purpose, connect with your inner and external world and derive meaning in your existence


Who is this For?

If you have a busy life and limited time for yourself, are a holistic lifestyle enthusiast and/or are curious about supplementing your current wellness routine with a holistic practice. If you are willing to say yes to yourself, are open to guidance and ready to take the next step, AllWell is for you!

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, disconnectedness from your spiritual journey or are looking to experience completeness in your life then we have solutions that can help you achieve your goals.

Wellness Intervertions


“Dahiana is an intuitive healer with the unique ability to crack you open and leave you feeling fulfilled in the most gentlest of ways. After each session, I leave feeling like all my jagged edges have been smoothed away by her quiet kindness and I rest better knowing that the world slowed down just enough in those 90 minutes to find my way back home to myself.”

— Mel Love, client

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